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Beginner Cooking with Kids: Oatmeal Energy Balls

Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. It’s messy. It’s dirty. Everyone is sticky (cue background horror music). What’s that on the counter? The floor? Why is the dog covered in mysterious goo? *terrified screaming* It’s cooking. With kids Wow Shannon you’re really selling this idea. Why in the world would I want to…

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Carrot Math with a Side of Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side. You’re welcome for that throwback reference that you probably forgot existed. Ha! Here in Missouri we’re in the middle of a snowpocalypse. And what says snowpocolypse better than chicken noodle soup for dinner? Well, probably french toast…but the chicken noodle…

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Shake it like a salt shaker

Shake it like a salt shaker (shake it like a salt shaker) shake it like a salt shaker (shake it like a salt shaker) I’m sorry, my millennial heart just couldn’t resist the opportunity to shout some Ying Yang Twins lyrics out into the world when writing about a lesson involving…you guessed it…twerking! Nah alright…

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