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Road Trippin’ with the littles-3 tips for before you leave

Tips and tricks to prepare for a big road trip with the family! Things to consider, setting expectations, and products to make your life easier.

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Active baby or toddler gift Guide

This post may contain affiliate links, which earn me a small commission at no further cost to you. No, no no no nooooooo I will not admit that my baby is one. No! You can’t make me! *stomps foot* Even though Mr. Sawyer has been one for a few weeks now (ok fine it’s been […]

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Firefighter Rescue Lesson

*this post may contain affiliate links, where I earn a small profit at no additional cost to you* This has to be one of the most fun lessons that I’ve ever done with Jack. Ever. *I’m the fireman fire f-fireman (I uh I) got that fire…*(sirens blare, Lil Wayne bumps in the background, lights flash […]

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Grocery Shopping…and Learning, too

This post contains affiliate links. Let’s switch the grocery store from a chore to a fun, meaningful learning experience! I hope that you got a chance to read through part one of this series, “Grocery Shopping…with Kids” as well as some time to try out the tips provided in order to get your kids in […]

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Grocery Shopping…with Kids

Grocery shopping with kids is practically an Olympic sport. It can be both physically and emotionally draining. Here I’ll share some tips on how to get through the trip successfully using gentle parenting and positive behavior techniques. Get back to enjoying yourself at the store with the kids!

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Slipping on the Ice Literacy

Here in Saint Louis Missouri, winter has made its rude arrival and is settling in for the foreseeable future, much to my chagrin and insistence that it leave at once. We had some freezing rain here the other day and while it made the woods behind our house look like a winter wonderland even Elsa […]

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Expecting? 9 modern pieces of advice that your bff wants you to hear *with resources*

You’ve picked an OBGYN, you’re taking care of yourself and that sweet babe, you’ve been on your secret Pinterest board approximately 1,657 times planning (is that just me?) a nursery, baby registry items, and dreaming about when that baby arrives. I’m here to share some of the things that you might not be hearing yet-things you’d hear from a close girlfriend who’s been there.

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Candy Cane Patterns

“Candy Cane Lane, bring a friend this holiday. Bring a friend who loves to play, we’ll eat all the candy canes…” Didn’t think I knew songs outside the realm of hip hop? Surpriiiseeeeee! I sing this song in my head (Candy Cane Lane by Sia if you’re not familiar) ALL. THE. TIME. This song is […]

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You’re a Fun One, Mr. Grinch…Day

“…(She) got an idea. An awful idea. (She) got a wonderful, awful idea.” Picture me with a Grinchy Grin, clasping my fingers together, manically giggling to myself. My idea? A new, green, hairy? family holiday tradition-Grinch Day! A day filled with cheer, Whos, good (no, GREAT) food, and for a grand finale, the movie, The […]

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Gingerbread House STEAM Challenge

Gingerbread House STEAM Challenge- A Candy Cane Lane Lesson: science-exploration, critical thinking, problem solving, and art Teachers and their acronyms, amiright? Welp here’s one of the popular ones you’ll see floating around these days: STEAM. No, it doesn’t have to do with teachers blowing off steam at the end of the day with a few […]

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